Emoji instead of favicons in Safari
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Emoji instead of favicons in Safari.



The Safari browser does not display favicons. You could argue that this makes it more difficult to find the content you are interested in when using tabs.

Also I thought it would be good, clean fun to use emoji to achieve a sort of favicon look in tabs. This is the result.


  1. Download the extension: favemoji.safariextz
  2. Double click the file to install it in Safari
  3. Emoji will show up when tabs are refreshed or browsing continues

How does it work?

document.location.hostname (only the domain name and subdomain) is used as the key to an array of emojis. If there's a match we prepend the emoji to the page title.

Additionally a MutationObserver is used to watch for changes to the page title allowing the addition of the emoji to be more robust.

The domains and emoji are stored as a JSON object that is editable in Safari > Preferences > Extensions > favemoji

To Do

  • ability for user to define their own emoji for a domain (toolbar button?)
  • add exact Unicode matches for certain domains (eg. , ✪, etc.)
  • add more popular domains

Future Plans

  • custom spec/meta to allow site owner to specify emoji?
  • use page meta/content to best guess a relevant emoji?

Suggesting Emoji

If you'd like to suggest a new domain/emoji pair please include a reference to the favicon or branding that the emoji matches. A description of the reason behind the match is also useful.

Pull Requests Welcome

Pull Requests are welcome and will be dealt with swiftly. All help is very much appreciated!


MIT. Copyright (c) 2017 Matt Sephton @gingerbeardman

Change Log

2017-08-24: improved domain matching, tweaked defaults
2017-08-16: added MutationObserver and icon
2017-08-15: added Alexa Top 100 and select other sites (total ~150)
2017-08-14: initial version