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Welcome to the GITenberg documentation!

For more information about GITenberg, please see our website.

How can you contribute?

We are currently working on converting and editing our first 100 books.

For now there are a few things you can do depending on your interest and skill level. Firstly, if you find an error or typo in any of the books, report it in the 'Issues' tab on that repo. If you would like to offer changes: fork, edit and create a Pull Request. If you would like to make suggestions, help in another way, or would like to get more involved, you can join the project mailing list.

Project Status

You can read the full text of the last project status report here.

Documentation Index

  • Infrastructure Documentation — Descriptions of the various systems (current and future) that run GITenberg.

    • [Github post-commit hooks] — how we know when to rebuild ebooks when changes are made to repos

    • [Book repo digestor] — Receives a book repo, decides what to do based on the content of the repo

  • Filetypes

  • Metadata Development - How GITenberg describes the data in a repo.

Active goals

Step 1 is to create a list of ebook repos we’ll use as a testbed for the GITenberg tool chain. The current list is maintained on [this file][active-repos]. Instructions on including a new repo are available

Open questions

How to generate covers for the books?

What will be the source format?

Discussion is still open, but asciidoc is the current best candidate.

How are the repositories created?

What is the reference format from PG?

How to cope with punctuation?

There is consensus to convert when possible ascii punctuation to unicode more precise equivalents.

What is the licensing big schema?

What about Metadata?

How to read metadata from PG?

Eric Hellman is working to understand metadata dumps provided by PG. It is a work in progress, and preliminary results are available in this document.

How to archive metadata for gitenberg usage?

Ongoing discussion, current state here.



Every book on PG gets its own repository. All are listed on the gitenberg organization github page, here.

The main gitenberg page, which is for the moment a developper’s page, is hosted here, and its source is here.


There is work going on on several repositories. The central point for development is the gitenberg-dev organization, whose repos can be seen on its github[page].

There are other repositories in which some work for gitenberg happened: gitenmake, sethwoodworth/gitenberg

Readmes, introductions and FAQs

Several pieces of information are scattered around. This one is intended to replace all of them but for the main gitemberg page, which serves as first contact. All the others are being amended to point to this document.


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