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Nov 1, 2021

Go analysis support for CodeQL

This open-source repository contains the extractor, CodeQL libraries, and queries that power Go support in LGTM and the other CodeQL products that GitHub makes available to its customers worldwide.

It contains two major components:

  • an extractor, itself written in Go, that parses Go source code and converts it into a database that can be queried using CodeQL.
  • static analysis libraries and queries written in CodeQL that can be used to analyze such a database to find coding mistakes or security vulnerabilities.

The goal of this project is to provide comprehensive static analysis support for Go in CodeQL.

For the queries and libraries that power CodeQL support for other languages, visit the CodeQL repository.


Clone this repository.

Run scripts/ This will ensure that the necessary external CodeQL packs are downloaded to your machine. You will need to re-run this script whenever you pull new commits from the repo.

If you want to use the CodeQL extension for Visual Studio Code, import this repository into your VS Code workspace.


To analyze a Go codebase, either use the CodeQL command-line interface to create a database yourself, or download a pre-built database from You can then run any of the queries contained in this repository either on the command line or using the VS Code extension.

Note that the branch of this repository corresponds to the version of the queries that is currently deployed on The main branch may contain changes that have not been deployed yet, so you may need to upgrade databases downloaded from before running queries on them.


Contributions are welcome! Please see our contribution guidelines and our code of conduct for details on how to participate in our community.


The code in this repository is licensed under the MIT license.