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The version of msysGit that ships with GitHub for Windows

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This is the copy of msysGit that ships with GitHub for Windows.

How to make changes

  1. Make sure you have ./ in your $PATH, probably via ~/.bashrc
  2. Make your changes on the devel branch
  3. Run msys.bat
  4. Inside the bash shell, run

This will build a portable Git release and check it in to the PortableGit branch. Now you can push your changes to origin.

Updating git-tfs

  1. Make sure you're in devel (or a branch of it) and not PortableGit
  2. Download the latest git-tfs .zip from
  3. Invoke .\share\git-tfs\extract-git-tfs.ps1 path-to-zip-file
  4. Commit

Repository structure

This repository has two important branches: devel, and PortableGit.


This is the main branch of the repository, and is periodically synced with msysgit/msysgit@devel. This branch contains all of the msysGit source code, Git source code, Git documentation, and supporting build scripts.


This branch is generated from the devel branch. Changes should never be made by hand to this branch, except to the .gitattributes and .gitignore files at the root of the repository.

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