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This is a (for now unofficial and still in BETA!!) installer for gitlab intented for Debian or Debian based distro's like Ubuntu (probably a good aptitude system should be enough for running this installer).

The installer will install:

- GitLab


- Gitolite

- Nginx

- a mailserver if you choose so

- a few thing like ruby, some gems, python stuff and so on


This installer is mainly based on

- additions are mainly:

* A 100% working GitLab installation after running this script (no maual steps needed).

* We help you with the mailserver (excpecially when choosing exim in combination with a smarthost setup).

In our opninion this is the most reasenable setup because you use a other mailserver in stead of directly sending mail.

This prevensts SPAM issues caused by SPF misconfiguration and prevents open relay and such.

A lot of people dont know how to configure a mailserver (wheter it is postfix or any other MTA). We do this job for you.

All you need is a external mailserver (also Gmail is an option), a username and a password. Just like you mailclient uses.

* We also give the option not to install any mailserver if you are happy with your current setup.

* not using path dependant commands, i.e. we dont want to cd in to directories where possible

* some checks like filesystem and RAM free space + port bindings to port 80

* making timeout higher for slow systems

Administrator and others added some commits Nov 7, 2012
Administrator Added installscript that installs GitLab completely. ddd3853
@richardland richardland Update install/
fixed typos found after test. Rake is maybe doing bad things when having to wait for oo long for mysql pw... lets see how this works.
@richardland richardland Update install/
sed problem altering also commented stuff in gitlab.yml
@richardland richardland Update install/
added some comments
@richardland richardland Update install/
minor fix in asking the mailadress for exim testpurposes
@richardland richardland Update install/
Why didn't I know indentation was so important for a .yml file?
@richardland richardland Update install/ 88b4814
GitLab member

GitLab now uses gitlab-shell instead of gitolite

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