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.gitlab Update release checklist issue template Oct 31, 2018
apps/gitlab-runner-helper Specify logger explicitly when using AddSecretsClenupLogHook Oct 3, 2018
cache Unable escaping project bucket in cache operations Sep 24, 2018
ci Don't use cache when building official Docker images Oct 29, 2018
commands Merge branch 'refactor-and-improve-testing-of-log-package' into 'master' Oct 23, 2018
common Fix instantization in the test Oct 31, 2018
dockerfiles Install go-junit-report in the base CI image Oct 18, 2018
docs Merge branch 'docs-session-server-index' into 'master' Dec 12, 2018
executors Make k8s object names DNS-1123 compatible Dec 6, 2018
helpers Merge branch 'refactor-and-improve-testing-of-log-package' into 'master' Oct 23, 2018
log Refactor and improve tests for SystemServiceLogHook Oct 22, 2018
network CI Web Terminal Aug 14, 2018
packaging Remove go-bindata Jun 27, 2018
scripts Count CI_NODE_INDEX from 1, not from 0 Nov 21, 2018
session Merge branch '3639-follow-up-from-resolve-add-docker-support-for-inte… Oct 17, 2018
shells Add tests for raw file formats Oct 16, 2018
tests Merge branch '2815-ac-remove-hardcoded-cert' into 'master' Oct 21, 2017
vendor Add web terminal for docker executor Oct 5, 2018
.codeclimate.yml Merge branch 'docker-prefer-to-always-create-containers' into 'master' Feb 15, 2018
.dockerignore Updated develop Dockerfile Oct 6, 2015
.env Multi runner can run jobs on Heroku Mar 10, 2015
.gitignore Parallelize tests execution Aug 1, 2018
.gitlab-ci.yml Add explanation why the job is being disabled Dec 11, 2018
CHANGELOG.md Update CHANGELOG for v11.5.0 Nov 22, 2018
CONTRIBUTING.md Add ~"git operations" label to CONTRIBUTING guide Jun 25, 2018
Dockerfile Update Go from 1.8.5 to 1.8.7 Apr 4, 2018
Gopkg.lock Add web terminal for docker executor Oct 5, 2018
Gopkg.toml Add web terminal for docker executor Oct 5, 2018
LICENSE Change docs license to CC BY-SA 4.0 May 4, 2018
Makefile Add values autodetection to the Release Checklist issue generator Oct 31, 2018
Makefile.docker.mk Remove go-bindata Jun 27, 2018
NOTICE Replace CLA with DCO + License Nov 20, 2017
Procfile Rename 1st iteration: configuration, build scripting etc. Sep 11, 2017
README.md Add note on the branch naming for documentation changes Dec 11, 2018
VERSION Bump version to 11.6.0 Nov 8, 2018
config.toml.example Allow disabling docker entrypoint overwrite Oct 1, 2018
install.sh Upload artefacts to S3 Apr 19, 2015
main.go Move logging helpers and configuration to dedicated package Oct 3, 2018


GitLab Runner

This is the repository of the official GitLab Runner written in Go. It runs tests and sends the results to GitLab. GitLab CI is the open-source continuous integration service included with GitLab that coordinates the testing. The old name of this project was GitLab CI Multi Runner but please use "GitLab Runner" (without CI) from now on.

Build Status

Runner and GitLab CE/EE compatibility

For a list of compatible versions between GitLab and GitLab Runner, consult the compatibility chart.

Release process

The description of release process of GitLab Runner project can be found in the release documentation.


Contributions are welcome, see CONTRIBUTING.md for more details.

Closing issues and merge requests

GitLab is growing very fast and we have a limited resources to deal with reported issues and merge requests opened by the community volunteers. We appreciate all the contributions coming from our community. But to help all of us with issues and merge requests management we need to create some closing policy.

If an issue or merge request has a ~"waiting for feedback" label and the response from the reporter has not been received for 14 days, we can close it using the following response template:

We haven't received an update for more than 14 days so we will assume that the
problem is fixed or is no longer valid. If you still experience the same problem
try upgrading to the latest version. If the issue persists, reopen this issue
or merge request with the relevant information.

Contributing to documentation

If your contribution contains only documentation changes, you can speed up the CI process by following some branch naming conventions, as described in https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/development/documentation/index.html#branch-naming


The documentation source files can be found under the docs/ directory. You can read the documentation online at https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/.


Read about the requirements of GitLab Runner.


Read about the features of GitLab Runner.

Executors compatibility chart

Read about what options each executor can offer.

Install GitLab Runner

Visit the installation documentation.

Use GitLab Runner

See https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/#using-gitlab-runner.

Select executor

See https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/executors/#selecting-the-executor.


Read the FAQ.

Advanced Configuration

See https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/#advanced-configuration.

Building and development

See https://docs.gitlab.com/runner/development/.


Visit the Changelog to view recent changes.

The future

  • Please see the GitLab Direction page.
  • Feel free submit issues with feature proposals on the issue tracker.


2014 - 2015   : [Kamil Trzciński](mailto:ayufan@ayufan.eu)
2015 - now    : GitLab Inc. team and contributors


This code is distributed under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.