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Notes is a simple note-taking software for the command line.


  • grip - if you want to be able to view your notes as an html page
  • vim (if you want to use a lesser editor then fork and make your own)
  • git


First, fork this repo, and clone to your home folder:

cd ~
git clone<your_username>/notes.git

Then source the script in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile

echo "source ~/notes/notes" >> ~/.bash_profile

Mac and Linux Users

This should just work. Seriously, if you don't have git and vim, I can't help you.

Windows Users

As usual, you're on your own.


The usage is simple:

# create a note
$ notes create some_name

# destroy a note
$ notes destroy some_name

# append to default notes from stdout (press CTRL-C to finish - and make sure to make a new line, or it won't write)
$ note

# appending to a specific note file from stdout
$ note some_name

# open a specific note file in vim
$ notes some_name

# open the the notefiles folder in vim so you can select a notefile to work in
$ notes

# serve all notes with autogenerated readme for navigation
$ notes serve

# serve specific note file with grip and open in browser
$ notes serve some_name

# server runs in background - this is how you kill it
$ notes serve kill

# push your notes to the your git repo
# will create a generic commit and push it to your fork
$ notes push

# pull your notes from your fork for easy sharing across any computers you use
$ notes pull

Keeping up to date

While there are push and pull methods available, notes will automatically try to push and pull every time you open/close them.

Note on Using Private Repos

If you want your notes in a private repo (probably not a bad idea), you can't fork. You'll have to make a manual copy of the repo. Be my guest.


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