A Rakefile-based package creation utility for OS X
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Cart is a Rakefile-based method to create custom Apple packages and DMG files. Cart creates a directory structure and utilizes the packagemaker command line tool to create package files.


You must have the following installed:

  • git (to download source)
  • Developer Tools (for Packagemaker Binary)
  • Rubygems (installed by default on OS X)
  • Rake rubygem (gem install rake)

Downloading Cart

I use a git submodule in the examples directory since the example code is its own repository (https://github.com/glarizza/cart-examples). In order to download all the code from the submodule, you must use the --recursive argument to git like this:

git clone https://github.com/glarizza/Cart --recursive

If you DO NOT pass theh --recursive flag, your /examples directory will be empty. Also note that clicking the Downloads button to download a copy of this repository from Github WILL NOT download the example submodule (so make sure to use git to download the source).

Using Cart

To use cart, clone the repository to your local file system, change to the examples directory and to the example module for which you want to build a package, and do one of the following:

rake dmg
rake pkg
rake zip

To see all the available actions on that Rakefile, run the following command:

rake -T