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🔩 A simple CLI tool to release and renew the DHCP lease on a DLink router.
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Unofficial Dlink Tool

Use the tool as:

$ dlink <status|release|renew|refresh|ip>

Installation (for *nix systems)

Dependencies: dotnet SDK 2.0

WARNING: Before installation, make sure you don't have a program called dlink already installed. Also ensure that /opt/dlink doesn't exist. If it does, either modify the install script to change the paths or use the tool without installing.

# Clone the repository
git clone --depth 1
cd dlink-cli
# Run the install script as root
sudo ./

You may uninstall the cli by running sudo ./ instead.

Running without installation

It is recommended to install the program and then use it. However if you're not on *nix systems or just don't want to install it you may run the script instead.

You'll need to restore and build the program only once after every time you update the source using:

$ dotnet restore
$ dotnet build

Updating installation

To update the installed CLI to the latest version, pull the latest source and run the ./ script again.

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