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What is this?

This is the place to go for documentation, examples and support/feedback for GleSYS API.

You should start out by reading the introduction.

Where can I find documentation?

The documentation can be found right here on github in our wiki. It comes in the form of an introduction and a full documentation of all functions available in GleSYS API. This documentation has been automatically generated from the API.

Where can I find examples?

The examples are available right here on our github repo. They are broken up by scripting/programming language and if you browse around in the repository you will find that each example has its own description.

Please feel free to contribute with more examples. You could either do a pull-request or send us an email to

Remember that all these examples are just examples. If you want to use any of these scripts in an production environment, its on your own responsibility.

Current examples


All bash examples


All PHP examples


All Ruby examples


All Python examples

  • ConkyServerStatus - Commandline script to be used with conky to show a specific glesys servers status directly on your desktop

Are there any frameworks/toolboxes available?

If you are looking for a framework to manage your GleSYS virtual servers take a look at the following projects:

  • glesys-go - An official client library written in go.
  • docker-machine-driver-glesys - An official glesys api driver for docker machine
  • fog - The Ruby cloud services library.
  • jclouds - API abstractions as java and clojure libraries.
  • knife-glesys - A Knife addon for managing you GleSYS vps. Uses fog.
  • glesys-bash-client - A bash client for interacting with the GleSYS API.
  • glesys-dnshook - A hook for the Let's Encrypt ACME client dehydrated that allows you to use GleSYS DNS records to respond to dns-01 challenges.
  • lexicon - Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers (including GleSYS) in a standardized/agnostic way.
  • multipass - Fully-automated certificate manager for NodeJS 16 with support for various DNS providers (including GleSYS).
  • glesys-api-node - A Node.js wrapper for the GleSYS API.

If you know about any other frameworks that support the GleSYS API, please let us know!

Where can I get support?

You can either open a new issue here on github or send us an email at


If not stated otherwise, the contents of this repository are distributed under the MIT license.