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Kivik PouchDB

PouchDB driver for Kivik.


Kivik 3.x and newer requires Go 1.11+, with Go modules enabled. At the time of this writing, GopherJS still does not support Go modules (this is tracked at GopherJS Issue #855). Despite this shortcoming of GopherJS, it is relatively straight forward to use the standard Go toolchain as a dependency manager for GopherJS. I have written a brief tutorial on this here, with Kivik as an example.


This package provides an implementation of the interface. You must import the driver and can then use the full Kivik API. Please consult the Kivik wiki for complete documentation and coding examples.

// +build js

package main

import (

    kivik ""
    _ "" // The PouchDB driver

func main() {
    client, err := kivik.New(context.TODO(), "pouch", "")
    // ...

This package is intended to run in a JavaScript runtime, such as a browser or Node.js, and must be compiled with GopherJS. At runtime, the PouchDB JavaScript library must also be loaded and available.

What license is Kivik released under?

This software is released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. See, or read the full license.