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❗️Basic Assertion Library used along side native go testing, with building blocks for custom assertions
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Package assert

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Package assert is a Basic Assertion library used along side native go testing


Use go get.

go get

or to update

go get -u

Then import the validator package into your own code.

import . ""

Usage and documentation

Please see for detailed usage docs.

package whatever

import (
	. ""

func AssertCustomErrorHandler(t *testing.T, errs map[string]string, key, expected string) {
	val, ok := errs[key]

	// using EqualSkip and NotEqualSkip as building blocks for my custom Assert function
	EqualSkip(t, 2, ok, true)
	NotEqualSkip(t, 2, val, nil)
	EqualSkip(t, 2, val, expected)

func TestEqual(t *testing.T) {

	// error comes from your package/library
	err := errors.New("my error")
	NotEqual(t, err, nil)
	Equal(t, err.Error(), "my error")

	err = nil
	Equal(t, err, nil)

	fn := func() {
		panic("omg omg omg!")

	PanicMatches(t, func() { fn() }, "omg omg omg!")
	PanicMatches(t, func() { panic("omg omg omg!") }, "omg omg omg!")

	// errs would have come from your package/library
	errs := map[string]string{}
	errs["Name"] = "User Name Invalid"
	errs["Email"] = "User Email Invalid"

	AssertCustomErrorHandler(t, errs, "Name", "User Name Invalid")
	AssertCustomErrorHandler(t, errs, "Email", "User Email Invalid")

How to Contribute

There will always be a development branch for each version i.e. v1-development. In order to contribute, please make your pull requests against those branches.

If the changes being proposed or requested are breaking changes, please create an issue, for discussion or create a pull request against the highest development branch for example this package has a v1 and v1-development branch however, there will also be a v2-development brach even though v2 doesn't exist yet.

I strongly encourage everyone whom creates a usefull custom assertion function to contribute them and help make this package even better.


Distributed under MIT License, please see license file in code for more details.

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