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Node.js client for the GoCardless API

GoCardless npm version

A Node.js client for the GoCardless API. For full details of the GoCardless API, see the API docs.


$ npm i gocardless-nodejs


Initialising the client

To initialise the client, you must provide:

  • An access token.
  • The environment that this token is for (see here for a list of available environments).
  • Any additional options (see here for a list of supported options).
const gocardless = require('gocardless-nodejs');
const constants = require('gocardless-nodejs/constants');

// Initialise the client.
const client = gocardless(
  { raiseOnIdempotencyConflict: true },

The Basics

We'll illustrate the basic library usage by demonstrating on the payment resource.

For a full list of available resources, visit the GoCardless API reference.

const uuidv4 = require('uuid/v4');

// Create a new payment.
const payment = await client.payments.create(
    amount: 100,
    currency: "GBP",
    links: { mandate: "MD123" },
  { idempotencyKey: uuidv4() },

// List the first three payments past a certain date.
const payments = await client.payments.list({
  limit: 3,
  created_at: {
    gt: '2020-01-01T17:01:06.000Z',

// Get a payment.
const payment = await client.payments.find('PM123');

// Update a payment.
await client.payments.update('PM123', { amount: '22' });

// Cancel a payment.
await client.payments.cancel('PM123');

The all method

All resources with a list method will also have an additional *all method. This method acts like the regular list method and accepts the same parameters, but instead returns an async generator.

for await (const payment of client.payments.all()) {

Available client options

  • raiseOnIdempotencyConflict: set to true to raise exceptions on idempotency conflicts. Defaults to false.