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nigeltao font/sfnt: make PostTable.ItalicAngle a float64
Previously, it was a float32, which obviously has 32 bits of state. Not
all of that 32 bit state space is meaningful, since NaN has multiple bit
representations. The underlying file format field (of type "Fixed" or
16.16 fixed point) is also 32 bits of state
Therefore, converting from 32 bit fixed point to 32 bit floating point
can be lossy. Instead, use 64 bit floating point. 53 significand bits
can losslessly represent all possible 16.16 fixed point values.

Using float64 is also arguably more Go-like, as the default type for the
ideal constant 0.5 is float64, not float32.

Change-Id: I5abe7979a020af2ac4784d6c2723ab8e39e38e34
Reviewed-on: https://go-review.googlesource.com/c/149837
Reviewed-by: Denys Smirnov <denis.smirnov.91@gmail.com>
Reviewed-by: Nigel Tao <nigeltao@golang.org>
Latest commit cd38e80 Nov 16, 2018
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bmp bmp: update comment about decoding 32 bpp images Oct 23, 2018
cmd/webp-manual-test webp: fix tests for webp/nycbcra deprecation. Apr 2, 2016
colornames colornames: update SVG 1.1 spec URL Nov 8, 2018
draw draw: re-enable the image.Rectangle DstMask fast path Nov 9, 2018
example/font example/font: use an "example" build tag instead of "ignore". Apr 12, 2016
font font/sfnt: make PostTable.ItalicAngle a float64 Nov 16, 2018
math math/fixed: add some Point and Rectangle methods. Jan 6, 2017
riff riff: fix some short chunk data bugs. Jul 7, 2016
testdata image/bmp: support v4 and v5 info header versions Oct 23, 2018
tiff all: fix typos Oct 30, 2018
vector vector: use asm opcode mnemonics Nov 15, 2018
vp8 all: fix typos Oct 30, 2018
vp8l vp8l: don't ignore I/O errors when reading LZ77 parameters. May 11, 2015
webp webp: remove Go 1.8 support Nov 8, 2018
.gitattributes image: copying .gitattributes to all subrepositories Dec 23, 2014
.gitignore convert .hgignore to .gitignore. Dec 7, 2014
AUTHORS go.empty: prototype for new subrepository Jan 25, 2012
CONTRIBUTING.md CONTRIBUTING.md: remove note about not accepting Pull Requests Mar 14, 2018
CONTRIBUTORS go.empty: prototype for new subrepository Jan 25, 2012
LICENSE LICENSE: add Mar 17, 2012
PATENTS go.image: add PATENTS file to the subrepo. Apr 16, 2012
README.md README: fix go get instructions Jun 1, 2018
codereview.cfg image: add codereview.cfg Mar 18, 2015


Go Images

This repository holds supplementary Go image libraries.


The easiest way to install is to run go get -u golang.org/x/image/.... You can also manually git clone the repository to $GOPATH/src/golang.org/x/image.

Report Issues / Send Patches

This repository uses Gerrit for code changes. To learn how to submit changes to this repository, see https://golang.org/doc/contribute.html.

The main issue tracker for the image repository is located at https://github.com/golang/go/issues. Prefix your issue with "x/image:" in the subject line, so it is easy to find.