The official Sublime Text package for Go build system integration.
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Golang Build

Golang Build is a Sublime Text package for compiling Go projects. It provides integration between Sublime Text and the command line go tool.

The package consists of the following features:

  • A Sublime Text build system for executing:
    • go build
    • go run
    • go install
    • go test to run Tests or Benchmarks
    • go clean
    • Cross-compilation using go build with GOOS and GOARCH
  • Sublime Text command palette commands to:
    • Execute go get
    • Open a terminal into a Go workspace


The Golang Build package is installed by using Package Control.

  • If Package Control is not installed, follow the Installation Instructions
  • Open the Sublime Text command palette and run the Package Control: Install Package command
  • Type Golang Build and select the package to perform the installation


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