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Reactive Programming for Android

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Agera is a set of classes and interfaces to help write functional, asynchronous, and reactive applications for Android.

Requires Android SDK version 9 or higher.


To add a dependency using Gradle:

  compile ''

Learn about Agera

Experimental Sample Extensions

A few experimental sample extension libraries for Agera are also provided. These are:

  • Content - For android.content interaction, such as BroadcastReceiver and SharedPreferences
  • Database - For SQLiteDatabase interaction
  • Net - For HTTPUrlConnection interaction
  • RVAdapter - For RecyclerView interaction
  • RVDatabinding - For RecyclerView data binding interaction

To add dependencies to these using Gradle:

  compile ''
  compile ''
  compile ''
  compile ''
  compile ''

FAQ: What's the relation with RxJava?

See this issue.


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