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DEPRECATED - Please see alternatives below


pypi build coverage

google-apitools is a collection of utilities to make it easier to build client-side tools, especially those that talk to Google APIs.

NOTE: This library is deprecated and unsupported. Please read below for suggested alternatives.

Alternatives to apitools

For the official Cloud client libraries used to communicating with Google Cloud APIs, go to

To generate Python API client libraries for APIs specified by protos, such as those inside Google, see API client library generators for other languages can be found in

Installing as a library

To install the library into the current virtual environment:

$ pip install google-apitools

Installing the command-line tools

To install the command-line scripts into the current virtual environment:

$ pip install google-apitools[cli]

Running the tests

First, install the testing dependencies:

$ pip install google-apitools[testing]

and the nose testrunner:

$ pip install nose

Then run the tests:

$ nosetests