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Google's common JavaScript library
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shicks Preserve newlines in testrunner log
If an error is logged with new lines, it appears differently in the test results log than it does in the JS console. This is because empty lines generate empty divs that take up no space.

RELNOTES: Preserved newlines in testrunner log output

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Closure Library Build Status

Closure Library is a powerful, low-level JavaScript library designed for building complex and scalable web applications. It is used by many Google web applications, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, Google Maps, and others.

For more information, visit the Google Developers or GitHub sites.

Download the latest stable version on our releases page.

Developers, please see the Generated API Documentation.

See also the goog.ui Demos

Using with Node.js

Install the official package from npm.

npm install google-closure-library

Require the package and use goog.require normally.



var sha1 = new goog.crypt.Sha1();
var hash = sha1.digest();


Please read the CONTRIBUTING for details on how to contribute to this project.

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