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This repository describes various traces from parts of the Google cluster management software and systems.

  • Please join our (low volume) discussion group, so we can send you announcements, and you can let us know about any issues, insights, or papers you publish using these traces. Important: to avoid spammers, you MUST fill out the "reason" field, or your application will be rejected. Once you are a member, you can send email to to:

    • Announce tools and techniques that can help others analyze or decode the trace data.
    • Share insights and surprises.
    • Ask questions (the group has a few hundred members) and get help. If you ask for help, please include concrete examples of issues you run into; screen shots; error codes; and a list of what you have already tried. Don't just say "I can't download the data"!
  • We provide a trace bibliography of papers that have used and/or analyzed the traces, and encourage anybody who publishes one to add it to the bibliography using a github pull request [preferred], or by emailing the bibtex entry to In either case, please mimic the existing format exactly.

Borg cluster workload traces

These are traces of workloads running on Google compute cells that are managed by the cluster management software internally known as Borg.

  • version 3 (aka ClusterData2019) provides data from eight Borg cells over the month of May 2019.
  • version 2 (aka ClusterData2011) provides data from a single 12.5k-machine Borg cell from May 2011.
  • version 1 is an older, short trace that describes a 7 hour period from one cell from 2009. Deprecated. We strongly recommend using the version 2 or version 3 traces instead.

ETA traces

In addition, this site hosts a set of execution traces from ETA (Exploratory Testing Architecture) - a testing framework that explores interactions between distributed, concurrently-executing components, with an eye towards improving testing them.

Power traces

This site also hosts power traces for 57 power domains during the month of May 2019. This trace is synergistic with the ClusterData2019 dataset.


Creative Commons CC-BY license The data and trace documentation are made available under the CC-BY license. By downloading it or using them, you agree to the terms of this license.