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Fusion Tables Archive Visualizer


Visualize archived Fusion Tables from Google Drive.




Make sure you have the following tools installed:

  • git
  • node
  • npm


After cloning the repository, install all dependencies:

npm install # install dependencies

Install the Google Cloud SDK and initialize it by running:

gcloud init


Setup the gcloud to your project ID like this:

gcloud config set project my-project-id

Create an OAuth token for the client authentication in your Google Cloud Project. Set the client ID to the GOOGLE_SIGNIN_CLIENT_ID environment variable like this:


Create a API key for Google Maps and Google Drive. Store that in an environment variable called API_KEY like this:

export API_KEY="my-key"

To help with environment variable handling on a project level, check out direnv.


Run the following command to start the visualizer on localhost:

npm start # start the visualizer


Run the following command to deploy the application:

npm run deploy


The project is hosted at AppEngine

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