JSON-LD TypeScript types for Schema.org vocabulary
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JSON-LD TypeScript types for Schema.org vocabulary.

schema-dts provides TypeScript definitions for Schema.org vocabulary in JSON-LD format. The typings are exposed as complete sets of discriminated type unions, allowing for easy completions and stricter validation.

Example of Code Completion using schema-dts

This repository contains two NPM packages:

  • schema-dts-gen Providing a command-line tool to generate TypeScript files based on a specific Schema version and layer.
  • schema-dts Pre-packaged TypeScript typings of latest Schema.org schema, without pending and other non-core layers.

Note: This is not an officially supported Google product.


To use the typings for your project, simply add the schema-dts NPM package to your project:

npm install schema-dts

Then you can use it as follows:

Manually using the Schema Typings generator

npm install schema-dts-gen
npx schema-dts-gen --schema=3.4


Use NPM to install dependencies:

npm install

Use Gulp to build the package:

gulp generate-ts

or simply build the schema-dts generator:

gulp build-generator

To contribute changes, see the CONTRIBUTING.md file.