AppEngine demo for the DFP API
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DFP Playground

This is a project that demonstrates the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) API to the open source community. It also demonstrates a working example of handling an OAuth2 web flow and good usage patterns of highly used services in the DFP API.


To use the playground, users must authenticate using OAuth2 and authorize the application to make calls to the DFP API on the user's behalf. For new API developers, the DFP Playground will create a new test network if your Google account is not yet associated with any networks. In the application, you can load various DFP entities across various services and filter on them using PQL statements.

Please note that the DFP Playground does not support Python 3 as webapp2 is not fully compatible with Python 3. View the issue on GitHub.

Getting Started

Register a Google AppEngine Application

If you have not registered an AppEngine application, please do so here.

Installing Python Libraries

DFP Playground relies on some dependencies listed in requirements.txt. In order to install them, you first must have PIP installed. Then, in the project directory, run pip install -t lib -r requirements.txt to install the necessary Python libraries. If you also want to run tests, globally install the libraries listed under "Test-only dependencies".

Creating Application Credentials

If you have not created a client ID and a client secret, please refer to the guide.

Adding Application Credentials to Google Datastore

Navigate to the Datastore dashboard, found in the "Storage" section of the sidebar, and click on "Create an entity." Type in "AppCredential" in the Kind field. For the properties, specify a client_id and a client_secret, with the values of the client ID and the client secret, respectively. Once finished, click "Create." If done correctly, one row will show up in the entities list.

Deploying DFP Playground to Google AppEngine

If you have not downloaded the Google App Engine SDK for Python, please do so here. Then, in the downloaded directory, run python -A <insert_project_id_here> -V <insert_version_here> update <insert_path_to_dfp_playground_root_dir_here>, replacing the placeholders with the appropriate values.

More info on deploying apps to AppEngine can be found here.

Live Demo

See a live demo of this project at

Where do I submit bug reports, feature requests and patches?

All of these items can be submitted here.

How do I get help?

Post a question to the DFP API community forum.