Realtime communication with WebRTC
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Realtime communication with WebRTC

This code has the resources you need for the codelab Realtime communication with WebRTC.

This is a work in progress. If you find a mistake or have a suggestion, please file an issue. Thanks!

What you'll learn

  • Get video from your webcam
  • Stream video with RTCPeerConnection
  • Stream data with RTCDataChannel
  • Set up a signaling service to exchange messages
  • Combine peer connection and signaling
  • Take a photo and share it via a data channel

What you'll need

  • Chrome 47 or above.
  • Web Server for Chrome, or use your own web server of choice.
  • The sample code.
  • A text editor.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Node.JS.

For 'step-04', 'step-05', 'step-06'

Run npm install before running the code.