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Example Connectors for Google Data Studio

This repository contains open source example connectors for Google Data Studio. It is a showcase for full working examples that utilize best practices.

If you'd like to release a community connector as open source, please see community-connectors.


NPM Downloads

The NPM (Node Package Manager) Downloads connector uses the package downloads count api to fetch download information for a package or group of packages.

Highlighted Best Practices:

  • Uses the DataStudio Service for error handling, authentication, and fields configuration.

Good example of:

TypeScript NPM Downloads

This is the same code as the NPM Downloads connector, but implemented using TypeScript.

Good example of:

  • Using TypeScript to help write less-buggy code.

Row-level Security

This connector shows how you can use row-level security to ensure viewers of a report can only see data that they are allowed to see.

Highlighted Best Practices: