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Exercise #6: Hacker Rank Problems - strings and bytes

exercise status: released

Exercise details

The goal of this exercise is to get you familiar with how to solve problems on the HackerRank website so that in the future when you complete Gophercises and want to practice your Go skills, or your problem solving, data structures, and algorithms, that you can do so in your free time.

We will be tackling two different problems on the site, neither of which are incredibly difficult, but it should help you become familiar with the site while also giving you some experience manipulating and working with strings in Go.

The first problem we will be looking at is named camelcase, and in the problem our goal is to find out how many words were used to create a camelcase string.

The second problem, caesar cipher, involves encrypting a string using a fairly basic cipher where you are changing the ascii value of each character.

To do this problem on your own you simply need to try to solve each problem and submit a solution to Hacker Rank to verify that it passes all of the test cases - not just the sample ones you can run before submitting.



As a bonus exercises you can continue doing more HackerRank problems!


Ex 6 - Solve string related Hacker Rank problems






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