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DOM inspector

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uBlock Origin comes with its own custom DOM inspector, to assist in the creation of cosmetic filters, as a complementary tool to the element picker (click the </> to access it):


A custom DOM inspector -- rather than creating hooks into the browser's own DOM inspector -- has benefits:

  • Portability: does no depend on specific browser API.
  • Optimal: the UI is optimized to specifically deal with cosmetic filters.

Whereas the element picker is useful to interactively create cosmetic filters through point-and-click, the DOM inspector is useful to create cosmetic filters through the internal structure of the document in your browser. For instance this allows:

  • To create very specific cosmetic filters by selecting an element directly in the DOM hierarchy.
  • To create exception cosmetic filters.

Creating cosmetic filter exception:

  • Locate the filter (red text) by moving mouse around in DOM inspector tree (elements on page should highlight, on Firefox you will clearly see elements previously hidden now highlighted in red)
  • Click on it (hidden element highlighting should change to green)
  • Click on save icon in DOM inspector toolbar (floppy disk)
  • Reload page
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