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Starting with version, you can find the change log and releases at this page:

This is the proper Github-way to release new revisions/versions, and this simplifies my work. Thanks to mikhaelkh for the tip.

  • Release date: 10 July 2014
    • Sorry for the quick releases, I just want the contributors to be able to benefit from the results of their translation work.
  • Swedish translation work from contributor at Crowdin.
  • Ukrainian translation work (partial) from contributor at Crowdin.

  • Release date: 6 July 2014
  • New settings: "Enable the logging of non-blocked requests"
    • In the Statistics tab in the dashboard.
    • Just like the other option to log blocked requests, except this one is to be able to see what was not blocked, along with the relevant exception filter it any.
    • Disabled by default.
    • Does not affect memory and CPU footprint if disabled.
    • Will likely increase a bit memory footprint when enabled (µBlock will still be quite below the memory footprint of big name blockers).
    • The logging opens the door to more advanced features if needed, like the disabling of specific filters, or to be able to easily create filters.
  • Fixed "Option to also log non-blocked requests".
  • Fixed a few glitches which caused the blocking count to be reset constantly on Google Maps, and some others here and there, I didn't feel like opening an issue for each of these. Check the commit if you are really that curious.

Also, I registered the project at Crowdin, so if you want to contribute translation work, that would be the place to do it. I'm learning how all this work, so I might have been clumsy when setting up the project, but it currently works, I might just decide to restructure the directory tree if I can do it without losing work (I thought it had to reflect the project's directory tree here at Github).

  • Release date: 5 July 2014
  • Fixed "uBlock blocking behind the scene requests while it should not".
    • This was breaking the ability to log in a user's Google account from the browser's Apps page (chrome://apps, or chrome://chrome-signin).

  • Release date: 5 July 2014
  • Fixed "EasyList Czech and Slovak moved".
  • Fixed "Extremely generic element hiding selectors are current performance bottleneck".
    • Probably users won't notice this performance improvement, as the test case used was a demanding one:
      • Tested page, heavily bloated front page of (a demanding page for cosmetic filters)
      • I used many lists with cosmetic filters in them: EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy Annoyance, Fanboy Enhanced Tracking, Fanboy Anti-Facebook.
      • The improvement cuts µBlock's cosmetic filters implementation overhead from 90ms to 60ms per page load for that particularly demanding page (over 2,500 HTML elements), with the above lists (representing over 33,500 cosmetic filters).
      • So if µBlock can do well with this one page, it most certainly can do very well with almost everything else.

  • Release date: 2 July 2014
  • New "Statistics" tab in the dashboard: to see which requests were blocked on a particular page.
    • Optional, disabled by default in order to prevent overhead such a feature introduce for users who will never care about this level of details.
    • If enabled, there will be a small eye icon in the popup to easily access the tab.
  • Translation work by Ginohax (Italian).
  • Fixed "Avoid avoidable overhead in contentscript_end.js ..."
  • Fixed "Possibility to view blocked elements + corresponding filters"

  • Release date: Not released yet
  • Fixed "Changelog links wrong".
    • The link was right, problem was an issue with mixing jQuery's $() with window.addEventListener('load', ...).

  • Release date: 23 June 2014
  • First release.
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