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Jenkins plugin used for gpuCI
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Remote Docker Plugin

This a Jenkins plugin for delegating build into a docker container on Jenkins agents.

The plugin also features first-class support for nvidia-docker exposing the most common configuration options.


Why not use docker-slaves-plugin?

Two reasons:

  1. docker-slaves-plugin executes the docker container on either a globally defined docker URL or a job-specific URL. This plugin instead runs the build on a Jenkins agent and the agent executes in a docker container based that node's docker configuration
  2. docker-slaves-plugin doesn't support modifying the docker runtime (required support nvidia-docker)

Do I need to have an NVIDIA GPU on my Jenkins agent to use this plugin?

No, this plugin works without any GPUs. You will be unable to use the nvidia-docker runtime and related settings, but builds will still run on agents and execute with docker.

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