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Grizzly: Manage your Observability Systems

A utility for managing various observability resources with Jsonnet. Currently supported are:

  • Grafana dashboards/dashboard folders
  • Grafana datasources
  • Grafana Cloud Prometheus recording rules/alerts
  • Grafana Synthetic Monitoring checks

See docs for usage details.

Building Grizzly from Source

To build Grizzly locally, inside a checkout, simply use:

$ make dev

Running tests

There are both unit tests and integration tests in this repo.

config_test.go and unit_test.go can both be executed autonomously.

However, in order to run integration tests you need to make use of make test. This command spins up a Grafana instance with certain config and provisioned resources, so the integration tests can run against it.

You can also manually execute make run-test-image-locally and run the tests for debugging.