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Releases: grafana/loki

operator: v0.6.1

03 Jun 11:41
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0.6.1 (2024-06-03)


Bug Fixes

  • operator: Bump golang builder to 1.21.9 (#12503) (f680ee0)
  • operator: Configure Loki to use virtual-host-style URLs for S3 AWS endpoints (#12469) (0084262)
  • operator: Improve validation of provided S3 storage configuration (#12181) (f9350d6)
  • operator: Use a minimum value for replay memory ceiling (#13066) (4f3ed77)
  • update to build image 0.33.2, fixes bug with promtail windows DNS resolution (#12732) (759f42d)
  • updated all dockerfiles go1.22 (#12708) (71a8f2c)


03 May 07:45
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2.9.8 (2024-05-02)

Bug Fixes

  • deps: update module to v0.23.0 [security] (release-2.9.x) (#12865) (94e0029)
  • Trigger release-please for 2.9.7 (#12822) (55b747c)


10 Apr 09:01
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2.9.7 (2024-04-10)

Bug Fixes

Loki 3.0.0

08 Apr 19:19
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Grafana Labs and the Loki team are excited to announce the release of Loki 3.0. Here's a summary of new enhancements and important fixes.

For a full list of all changes and fixes, refer to the CHANGELOG.

Features and enhancements

Key features in Loki 3.0.0 include the following:

  • Query acceleration with Bloom filters (experimental): This is designed to speed up filter queries, with best results for queries that are looking for a specific text string like an error message or UUID.

  • Native OTel Support: A simplified ingestion pipeline (Loki Exporter no longer needed) and a more intuitive query experience for OTel logs.

  • Helm charts: A major upgrade to the Loki helm chart introduces support for Distributed mode (microservices), includes memcached by default, and includes several updates to configurations to improve Loki operations.

  • Lambda/Promtail: support dropping labels (#10755) (ec54c72).

  • Docs improvements: All the Getting Started topics have been revised, including a new Quickstart to help new users get up and running with Loki faster.The Storage, Configuration Reference, and API documentation have been updated to reflect deprecated and removed code, configuration options, and API endpoints.


One of the focuses of Loki 3.0 was cleaning up unused code and old features that had been previously deprecated but not removed. Loki 3.0 removes a number of previous deprecations and introduces some new deprecations. Some of the main areas with changes include:

To learn more about breaking changes in this release, refer to the Upgrade guide.

Upgrade Considerations

The path from 2.9 to 3.0 includes several breaking changes. For important upgrade guideance, refer to the Upgrade Guide and the separate Helm Upgrade Guide.

Bug fixes

3.0.0 (2024-05-08)

  • All lifecycler cfgs ref a valid IPv6 addr and port combination (#11121) (6385b19)
  • deps: update digest to 859f65c (main) (#10820) (c66ffd1)
  • deps: update digest to 6eecb7b (main) (#10826) (fb9c496)
  • deps: update digest to 6947259 (main) (#10836) (2327789)
  • deps: update digest to 583aa28 (main) (#10842) (02d9418)
  • deps: update digest to cfc4f0e (main) (#10946) (d27c4d2)
  • deps: update digest to e523809 (main) (#11107) (09cb9ae)
  • deps: update digest to c2ef48c (main) (#10947) (1fe4885)
  • deps: update module [security] (main) (#11031) (0695424)
  • helm: bump nginx-unprivilege to fix CVE (#10754) (dbf7dd4)
  • Parse JSON String arrays properly so string elements can be retrieved: PR #11921]
  • promtail: correctly parse list of drop stage sources from YAML (#10848) (f51ee84)
  • promtail: prevent panic due to duplicate metric registration after reloaded (#10798) (47e2c58)
  • respect query matcher in ingester when getting label values (#10375) (85e2e52)
  • Sidecar configuration for Backend (#10603) (c29ba97)
  • tools/lambda-promtail: Do not evaluate empty string for drop_labels (#11074) (94169a0)


25 Mar 13:02
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This is release v0.6.0 of Loki Operator.

Full Changelog: operator/v0.5.0...operator/v0.6.0

Notable changes:

  • 12228 xperimental: Restructure LokiStack metrics
  • 12164 periklis: Use safe bearer token authentication to scrape operator metrics
  • 12216 xperimental: Fix duplicate operator metrics due to ServiceMonitor selector
  • 12212 xperimental: Keep credentialMode in status when updating schemas
  • 12165 JoaoBraveCoding: Change attribute value used for CCO-based credential mode
  • 12157 periklis: Fix managed auth features annotation for community-openshift bundle
  • 12104 periklis: Upgrade build and runtime dependencies
  • 11928 periklis: Fix remote write client timeout config rename
  • 12097 btaani: Fix encoding of blocked query pattern in configuration
  • 12106 xperimental: Allow setting explicit CredentialMode in LokiStack storage spec
  • 11968 xperimental: Extend status to show difference between running and ready
  • 12007 xperimental: Extend Azure secret validation
  • 12008 xperimental: Support using multiple buckets with AWS STS
  • 11964 xperimental: Provide Azure region for managed credentials using environment variable
  • 11920 xperimental: Refactor handling of credentials in managed-auth mode
  • 11869 periklis: Add support for running with Google Workload Identity
  • 11868 xperimental: Integrate support for OpenShift-managed credentials in Azure
  • 11854 periklis: Allow custom audience for managed-auth on STS
  • 11802 xperimental: Add support for running with Azure Workload Identity
  • 11824 xperimental: Improve messages for errors in storage secret
  • 11524 JoaoBraveCoding, periklis: Add OpenShift cloud credentials support for AWS STS
  • 11513 btaani: Add a custom metric that collects Lokistacks requiring a schema upgrade
  • 11718 periklis: Upgrade, and openshift deps
  • 11671 JoaoBraveCoding: Update mixins to fix structured metadata dashboards
  • 11624 xperimental: React to changes in ConfigMap used for storage CA
  • 11481 JoaoBraveCoding: Adds AWS STS support
  • 11533 periklis: Add serviceaccount per LokiStack resource
  • 11158 btaani: operator: Add warning for old schema configuration
  • 11473 JoaoBraveCoding: Adds structured metadata dashboards
  • 11448 periklis: Update Loki operand to v2.9.3
  • 11357 periklis: Fix storing authentication credentials in the Loki ConfigMap
  • 11393 periklis: Add infra annotations for OpenShift based deployments
  • 11094 periklis: Add support for blocking queries per tenant
  • 11288 periklis: Fix custom CA for object-store in ruler component
  • 11091 periklis: Add automatic stream sharding support
  • 11022 JoaoBraveCoding: Remove outdated BoltDB dashboards
  • 10932 JoaoBraveCoding: Adds new value v13 to schema
  • 11232 periklis: Update dependencies and dev tools
  • 11129 periklis: Update deps to secure webhooks for CVE-2023-44487


The components of Loki are currently distributed in plain binary form and as Docker container images. Choose what fits your use-case best.

The Loki Operator is currently distributed as plain bundles on both Operator Hub instances:

Docker container:

$ docker pull "grafana/loki-operator:0.6.0"


22 Mar 10:00
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2.8.11 (2024-03-22)

Bug Fixes

  • update to v1.33.0 (#12276) (3c05724)


22 Mar 08:57
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2.9.6 (2024-03-21)

Bug Fixes

  • promtail failures connecting to local loki installation [release-2.9.x] (#12184) (8585e35)
  • release-2.9.x: frontend: Use net.JoinHostPort to support IPv6 addresses (#10650) (#11870) (7def3b4)
  • update to v1.33.0 (#12269) (#12287) (3186520)


29 Feb 00:11
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2.9.5 (2024-02-28)


Bug Fixes


28 Feb 21:16
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2.8.10 (2024-02-28)

Bug Fixes

  • image tag from env and pin release to v1.11.5 (#12073) (8e11cd7)


27 Feb 18:19
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2.8.9 (2024-02-22)

Bug Fixes