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#Graphcomment SDK API PHP version 2.0

install with composer :

composer require graphcomment/sdk-api-php

  • The Wrapper use the last version of Guzzle.

  • To use the PHP Wrapper you must create an account on and subscribe a paid plan.

With this wrapper you will be able to :

  • Register automatically a new User on GraphComment whenever he subscribe on your website.
  • Connect a user to GraphComment when he logs in to your website.
  • Get the user information saved in graphcomment.
  • Update the user information from your system to graphcomment.
  • Get the count of comments active on a thread.

Example of implementation :

$client = new Sdk(GC_PUBLIC_KEY, GC_SECRET_KEY);

after theses lines, you call the functions.

  • register a User

$client->registerUser('username', 'email', 'fr', '');

This function return a json file containing its "gc_id" that must be save in your database to authenticate a user that is logging in and do_sync date of synchronisation to save too.

  • login a User, this function return the token JWT as JSON that you must save in localStorage to authenticate Graphcomment.


to save in localStorage the gc_token, call this url in an iframe with 0px width, 0px width of user to authenticate him =>[TOKEN-without-JWT-only-token]

to destroy session localStorage, call this url in an iframe with 0px width, 0px width of user =>

Example :

Connexion :

<iframe src=" " frameborder="0" style="width:0px;height:0px;"></iframe>

Disconnection :

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" style="width:0px;height:0px;"></iframe>

  • Get last informations from a user


get user's informations, return a JSON.

	gc_id: 'gc_id',
	username: 'username',
	email: '',
	language : 'en',
	picture : '',
	do_sync : date of synchronisation
  • Update a User on Graphcomment

$client->updateUser('gc_id', 'username', 'email', 'fr', '');

return do_sync date and gc_id with state 'updated'

  • Count Comments of a thread

$client->countCommentscountComments('', 'content123');