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Boundary HBase Region Server Plugin

Collects metrics from a HBase Region Server.


OS Linux Windows SmartOS OS X
Supported v v v v
Runtime node.js Python Java
Required + +

Plugin Setup

Enable JMX Metrics

  1. Enable JMX metrics in HBase by following this guide here.

Set JAVA_HOME Environment Variable

  1. Ensure the that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is by running the following on a Linux/UNIX platform:
    $ echo $JAVA_HOME`

Or on Windows from a cmd shell: bash % set JAVA_HOME 2. If JAVA_HOME is not set then configure appropriately for the target operating system and re-verify.

Plugin Configuration Fields

Field Name Description
Hostname The hostname or IP address of the JMX Region server
Port The port of the JMX Region server
Username If the JMX endpoint is password protected, what username should graphdat use when calling it.
Password If the JMX endpoint is password protected, what password should graphdat use when calling it.
Poll Seconds How often should the plugin poll the JMX endpoint
Source The Source to display in the legend for the HBase data. It will default to the hostname of the server

Metrics Collected

Metric Name Description
HBase Cache Read Ratio The cache-hit ratio for reads configured to look in the cache
HBase Compaction Targets The number of Stores in the Region Server that have been targeted for compaction
HBase Flush Queue The number of enqueued regions in the MemStore awaiting flush
HBase Local Block Ratio The percentage of HDFS blocks that are local to this Region Server
HBase Memstore Size The sum of all the memstore sizes in this Region Server
HBase Regions in a Region Server The number of regions served by the Region Server.
HBase Reads The number of read requests for this Region Server.
HBase Slow Writes The number of slow HLog append writes for this Region Server, where slow is > 1 second.
HBase Memory The amount of memory used by the RegionServer.
HBase Writes The number of write requests for this Region Server.