The HTTP Check plugin allows Graphat to poll a URL and report back its Response Time
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Boundary HTTP Check Plugin

Polls a set of URLs and reports on the response time. The plugin allows multiple URLs to be polled and each of those URLs to set their own Poll interval. The URLs can require authentication, the plugin supports basic HTTP authentication.


OS Linux Windows SmartOS OS X
Supported v v v v

Boundary Meter Versions V4.0 Or Later

For Boundary Meter less than V4.0

Runtime node.js Python Java
Required +

Plugin Setup


Plugin Configuration Fields

For All Versions

Field Name Description
Source The source to display in the legend for the endpoint. Ex.
Poll Time (sec) The Poll Interval to call your endpoint in seconds. Ex. 5
Method The Method of the endpoint
Protocol The protocol of the endpoint
URL The URL of the endpoint. For example, or
Ignore Status Code If any response from the server is considered valid, even an error, enable this.
Enable Debug Output If you are having issues with the plugin, you can enable additional debugging output to be shown in the Meter console
Username (optional) The username required to access the endpoint
Password (optional) The password required to access the endpoint
POST data (optional) Additional information to pass along to the endpoint. Key Values pairs, "key=value" one per line

Metrics Collected

For All Versions

Metric Name Description
HTTP Response Time The Response time of a URL