Would you consider a pull-request adding support for Peewee ORM? #289

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Hi, my name is Charles Leifer. I'm the author of Peewee, a lightweight Python ORM. It's been steadily growing in popularity in the last couple years and has over 3000 stars and 500+ forks. graphene is an impressive library and I am grateful to you for taking the time to write it and open-source it. I think it'd be great for the users of Peewee to be able to use your library, and if you did not want to write the bindings I would be happy to contribute some in a pull-request.

What do you think?

syrusakbary commented Sep 15, 2016 edited

Hi Charles,

I'm absolutely open for having an integration between Peewee and Graphene, I think it will be super valuable for the developers!

Starting with the next version 1.0, Graphene integrations will be separated from the main codebase into external repos within the graphql-python community. (This is already happening for the Graphene Google App Engine integration)

Each of the repos will be maintained by different people that are specialized in the framework that are integrating with (I can't think of someone better than you for the graphene-peewee integration! 😉 )

We can follow the same process we did for graphene-gae: You can start a graphene-peewee repo in your profile and once is mature (tested and with a working example) we can move it into the graphql-python community :)

Or we can start directly creating a graphene-peewee repo in the graphql-python community and you will be the admin of this repo.

Just let me know what you prefer! :)


I'll take it on as a personal repo, and we can take it from there. Thanks for your encouragement and your interest!

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syrusakbary commented Sep 17, 2016 edited

Great! :)
PS: I just added you the perms for maintain the graphene-peewee package in PyPI (if you want to use it!)


@coleifer Awesome, look forward to it. I'd love to help if you need any.


Hey guys, thanks so much for these two amazing libraries. Can't wait for them to work together officially. Is there anywhere I can follow the progress of graphene-peewee?



@coleifer we need to decide in our organization if we go for SQLAlchemy or Peewee (coming from Django ORM in older projects), could you open the work in progress so we can check how is it doing and possibly contribute to make it possible? Most devs in my team we prefer Peewee (congrats and thanx!) but GraphQL is one elevated requirement for the stack we are building.

coleifer commented Jan 3, 2017

Hey @danigosa -- between work and moving our house I don't believe I'll be able to work on this for at least a couple weeks. I hope you understand.

danigosa commented Jan 5, 2017

Don't even worry, we are facing other architecture layers? Anyway we are using peewee-async finally so no matter what in the times to come if you start this we'll contribute, for now we are not going to far in the frontend side to use graphql at its best so... Good luck with the move :)

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