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EMH-Mark-I Minor update
This patch includes some adjustments for the whisker menu where opacity settings were not working.
Panelbar tray icons where panelbar opacity settings were not working.
Update to the README to remove the link to my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS theme. I'll still keep the theme, I just don't support it much anymore.
Update to the INSTALL guide where there was some spelling mistakes.
Latest commit b65dab5 Mar 23, 2019
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Extras Update Patch Jan 14, 2019
Fonts/vga_font Creating Chicago95 Theme Apr 15, 2016
Icons Added tux modified icons from u/EMH_Mark_I at May 3, 2017
Lightdm/Chicago95 Theme UPDATES Feb 2, 2018
Plymouth Plymouth theme update Feb 11, 2018
Screenshots Screenshot updates Nov 14, 2018
Theme/Chicago95 Minor update Mar 23, 2019
CREDITS Minor update Mar 23, 2019


XFCE / Xubuntu Windows 95 Total Conversion

Chicago95 Desktop

I was unhappy with the various XFCE/GTK2/GTK3 Windows 95 based themes and decided to make one that was more consistent across the board for theming.

Included in this theme:

  • New icons to complete the icon theme started with Classic95
  • Edited Redmond XFWM theme to more accurately reflect Windows 95
  • Edited Xfce-Redmond by dbbolton to be more accurate and include XFCE panels
  • Created GTK-3.0 theme from scratch (based on Win 10 and Mate themes)
  • Plymouth theme created from scratch
  • An MS-DOS inspired theme for oh-my-zsh


GTK+ 3.22

Xfce 4.12

A Window compositor

Install the system theme

Click here for install steps.

Install the Plymouth boot splash theme

Click here for install steps.

Install the LightDM login manager theme

Click here for install steps.


Click here to view screenshots

Code and license

License: GPL-3.0+/MIT

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