IMPORTANT: The game is unfortunately in a broken state, some regression from 2014's WebGL I guess! but you can see the videos – source code of IBEX, a WebGL cellular-automaton game made in 13k of JS ZIP
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Having issue running the game? <- this post-version should fix it but still need WebGL support.


The world is burning, Protect and Escort a group of wild ibex away from the inferno. On the path there are sleeping ibex to rescue, wake them and they will join the group.


You will have to use the 4 elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) to make your animal progress safely in the environnment.

The 4 elements are primary elements but there are also secondary elements at play:

  • The Volcano (creates fire)
  • The Source (drops water)
  • The Forest (created by Earth and Water)
  • The Wind (left wind and right wind is created randomly in Air)

All elements interact with each other and the ibex also react to elements in different ways.

  • Earth is a platform for the ibex
  • Fire scares the ibex
  • Water attracts the ibex
  • Forest makes the ibex running faster


Keyboard: SPACE to draw an element, ARROWS to move, W/Z + X + C + V to switch between Air + Earth + Fire + Water.

Keyboard is recommended but playing only with mouse is also possible (click on elements and DRAG the inner cursor).

There is much much more to discover in the game, Enjoy!


npm run build

watch mode:

npm run watch