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Check out our new performance test app that includes ObjectBox.

Android Database Performance Benchmark

This project evaluates Android databases and related persistence solutions. It tests SQLite, SQLite in combination with several ORMs, and alternative database options.

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To run the Android instrumentation tests make sure to set RUN_PERFORMANCE_TESTS in Common\build.gradle to true.

To run with Android Studio, create a new Android Instrumented Tests run configuration. Specify the desired PerfTest<x> class and a test method (see BasePerfTestCase).

More Open Source by greenrobot

ObjectBox is a new and fast object-oriented database for mobile devices.

greenDAO is an ORM optimized for Android: it maps database tables to Java objects and uses code generation for optimal speed.

EventBus is a central publish/subscribe bus for Android with optional delivery threads, priorities, and sticky events. A great tool to decouple components (e.g. Activities, Fragments, logic components) from each other.

greenrobot-common is a set of utility classes and hash functions for Android & Java projects.

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