Clojure/ClojureScript plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs
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Clojure and ClojureScript plugin for IntelliJ-based tools.

Quick links: Latest dev build, Changelog.

  • Aims to be as zero configuration as possible
  • Adds color options, basic formatter, documentation, structure view and breadcrumbs
  • Provides Analyze data flow [to | from] here functionality
  • Features basic Leiningen and Boot support
  • Plays nice with IDE Scripting Console
  • Written in Kotlin with Grammar-Kit


Q. How to install the plugin?
A. Go to Settings | Plugins, press Browse Repositories button, search for Clojure-Kit, install, relaunch.

Q. How to open my project?
A. Use whichever way IDE provides to add a project directory to Project View.

Q. Where are my dependencies?
A. Dependencies are collected from lein or boot on project load. There's no dedicated UI to view or configure them. Use Sync [All] Dependencies actions for the corresponding project.clj or build.boot available in editor floating toolbar (upper-right corner), Project View and Goto Action popup (ctrl-shift-A or cmd-shift-A).

Q. How to launch REPL?
A. Use Execute in REPL action (ctrl-enter or cmd-enter) to send the selected text or a form under caret to REPL. Either a new or existing nREPL server console UI will show up. Then forms can be sent right from project files or the console editor.

Q. How to connect to remote REPL or ClojureScript REPL on a different port?
A. Use Connect to REPL action (ctrl-shift-P or cmd-shift-P) to enter host, port or nrepl URL and create a new remote console. Remote consoles are not mapped to project files, use Exclusive Mode toolbar toggle or popup (ctrl-shift-L or cmd-shift-L) to redirect all commands to one specific REPL.