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A software package designed to facilitate the creation of ground truth data for Medieval Manuscript OCR.
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Toolset for generating pixel by pixel ground truth data for manuscript images.

Requires Docker and Docker-Compose. The Mysql-server container requires at least 1 GB of ram

For first time use, use to initialize the docker containers and the database. Note that also destroys all previously collected data, so please be careful Afterwards, simply go to localhost:8080 in any web browser (it was mostly tested in firefox)

To start it again after initializing it run or docker-compose up

To shut it down run or docker-compose down --remove-orphans

After the software has started, you can access the web interface in your browser at locahost:8080

In order to add a document simply save your image as a .jpg file, and title it using its CITE2 URN. Then place it in the "ImageArchive" folder. The software will automatically process the image, add it to the database, and make it available in the web interface.

This software is based off of the tool for working with images cited via CITE2 URNs which is ©2017 by Christopher Blackwell. This software and Christopher Blackwell's ICT2 are available for use, modification, and distribution under the terms of the GPL 3.0 license.

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