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  • Download the latest release of the plugin
  • Un-zip
  • Double-click on colorvariablesexporter.sketchplugin

How it works

  1. Add some Color Variables
  2. Select export menu from Plugins > Color Variables Exporter
    • Export as ColorSet
    • Export as Swift UIColor Extension using ColorSet
    • Export as color.xml
    • Export as JSON
    • Export as CLR
  3. Choose a destination where you want to save

Export file types

Export as ColorSet

This format is for Apple platform apps developers such as iOS, macOS etc. It exports Color Set directories for Xcode. It useful for developers which prefer use Storyboards and xib files and developing UI by programatically.

Export as Swift UIColor Extension using ColorSet

This formt is for Apple platform apps developers as well. Especially developers which develop UI by code. You need to export ColorSet as well to take advantage of this format.

Export as color.xml

This format is for Android apps developers.

Export as JSON

This format is for scripting purpose. Using this JSON, you can generate codes, CSV or what ever you want.

Export as CLR

This generates CLR file. You can copy this file at ~/Library/Colors then you can see your colors inside macOS native Color Picker UI.


Donwload sample files.