This is the website of, a community around the fabulous #Dartlang programming language.
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What is it?

Dartosphere collects new stories on the Dart programming language. Anybody can participate.

Dartosphere started as a so called planet. It collects new Dart stories across various RSS feeds. You can also add exclusive stories to the Dartosphere.

Meanwhile, we also publish latest Dart Pub packages.

We distribute news using our Mailinglist, Dartospheres Twitter and the Dartocode Twitter

History was founded briefly after Google announced it's Dart language. In it's first versions, we had the website code in a closed repository. But it's much more fun to collaborate open source, and we certainly can use some help to develop to use it. Your turn to join!

What needs to be done?

Website improvments

There are several places where we don't have well written code in terms of CSS, JavaScript and such. We welcome any help to make the website look more nicer or easier to maintain.

In addition, we would love to finally migrate from JavaScript to Dart to run this website. We used JS first, because Dart was changing to often back then. Things are different now.

Adding exclusive content

Are you interested in publishing to Dartosphere? You are welcome! Please see the _posts folder. There are few blog posts written. You can add yours here with the same format.

Adding RSS feeds

If you find an interesting RSS feed to add to this planet, please ask the original author to submit it to our place. This can either be done by a GitHub issue at the moment. We are collecting the data by a separate tool which we want to open source as well pretty soon (we have to clean it up first - sorry :))

Asking developers to join

We collect information on developers working with dart here. If you know any developers who want their profile to be listed at our site, tell them!

Note: we would love to make our profile pages look nicer. Any PRs are welcome.

Are there any restrictions what is not to change?

No. We can discuss any change.

How can I help?

You want to discuss a potential improvment?

Please open a GitHub issue and tell us what you want to have changed. Once we agreed on something, we would be happy if you could help out with a PR. Anyway, we are happy with the discussion alone too, if you don't have coding time left. Just let us know!

You are sure on a change?

Please fork this repository, create a new branch, and submit a pull request. Make sure everything builds before submitting it. We are going to test your changes and push it to this repository if it's fine. If we have comments, we may discuss it in the PR.

How to get in touch?

If you have any more questions you don't want to discuss in public, you can always reach out to us at Our full legal notice (Impressum) can be found here.