A Python library for communicating with the GroupDocs.Signature Cloud API
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GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Python

This repository contains GroupDocs.Signature Cloud SDK for Python source code. This SDK allows you to work with GroupDocs.Signature Cloud REST APIs in your PHP applications.


To use SDK you need AppSID and AppKey authorization keys. You can your AppSID and AppKey at https://dashboard.groupdocs.cloud (free registration is required).

Key Features

  • Sign Documents (over 20+ supported formats) with different siganture types

    • Text Signatures with various format, styles and appearances
    • Image Signatures with additional features according appearances and filters
    • Digital Signatures based on certificates
    • Barcode Signatures with different Barcode types and appearences
    • QRCode Signatures with different QRCode types and appearences
    • Metadata Signatures with different data types
    • Customer Data Signatures encoded by QRCodes and encrypted with custom algorithms
  • Verify Documents for signatures

    • Text Signatures with verification on text
    • Digital Signatures with certificates verification
    • Barcode Signatures
    • QRCode Signatures
  • Search for Signatures in Documents

    • Digital Signatures
    • Barcode Signatures
    • QRCode Signatures
    • Metadata Signatures
    • Customer Data Signatures encoded and encrypted

See API Reference for full API specification.

How to use the SDK?

The complete source code is available in this repository folder. You can either directly use it in your project via source code or get PyPi (recommended). For more details, please visit our documentation website.


To use GroupDocs Signature Cloud SDK you need to register an account with GroupDocs Cloud and lookup/create App Key and SID at Cloud Dashboard. There is free quota available. For more details, see GroupDocs Cloud Pricing.

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on Github, you can install directly from Github

pip install groupdocs_signature_cloud

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install groupdocs_signature_cloud)

Then import the package:

import groupdocs_signature_cloud


Install via Setuptools.

python setup.py install --user

(or sudo python setup.py install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import groupdocs_signature_cloud

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

        import asposestoragecloud
        import groupdocs_signature_cloud
        from groupdocs_signature_cloud.models.requests.post_search_barcode_request import PostSearchBarcodeRequest
        from groupdocs_signature_cloud.models import *

        host = "http://api-qa.groupdocs.cloud"   # Put your Host URL here
        base_url = "http://api-qa.groupdocs.cloud/v1" #Put your Base URL here
        api_key = "" #Put your App Key here
        app_sid = "" #Put your App Sid here
        storageName = "Signature-Dev" #Put your storage name here
        storageFolder = "signed" #Put your storage folder path here
        storageFileName = "SignedForVerificationAll.pdf" #Put your storage file name here
        filePassword = "" #Put your file password here if file is encrypted
        localFilePath = "C:\\SignedForVerificationAll.pdf" #Put your local file path here

        # File uploading (it could be skipped if file is already uploaded)
        # initialization of configuration for storage api client
        storageConfiguration = asposestoragecloud.Configuration()
        storageConfiguration.host = host
        storageConfiguration.base_url = base_url
        storageConfiguration.api_key_prefix = "Bearer"

        # initialization of storage api client
        storageApiClient = asposestoragecloud.ApiClient(apiKey = api_key, appSid = app_sid, configuration = storageConfiguration)
        storageApi = asposestoragecloud.apis.StorageApi(storageApiClient)
        # file uploading
        filestream = open(file = localFilePath, mode = "rb")
        storageApi.put_create(path = storageFolder + "\\" + storageFileName, file = filestream, storage = storageName)      
        print("Uploaded: " + storageFolder + "\\" + storageFileName)     

        # Signature search
        # initialization of configuration for signature api client
        configuration = groupdocs_signature_cloud.Configuration()
        configuration.host = host
        configuration.base_url = base_url
        configuration.api_key["api_key"] = api_key
        configuration.api_key["app_sid"] = app_sid
        # initialization of signature api client
        signatureApi = groupdocs_signature_cloud.SignatureApi(configuration=configuration)

        # initialization of search options
        options = PdfSearchBarcodeOptionsData()
        # set barcode properties
        options.barcode_type_name ="Code39Standard"
        options.text = "12345678"
        # set match type
        options.match_type ="Contains"
        #set pages for search
        options.document_page_number = 1

        # initialization of search request
        request = PostSearchBarcodeRequest(storageFileName, options, filePassword, storageFolder, storageName)

        # getting response
        response = signatureApi.post_search_barcode(request)
        # checking response
        self.assertNotEqual(response, False)
        self.assertEqual(response.code, "200")
        self.assertEqual(response.status, "OK")
        self.assertIn(storageFileName, response.file_name)
        self.assertEqual(response.folder, storageFolder)
        self.assertNotEqual(response.signatures, False)
        self.assertGreater(len(response.signatures), 0)
        signature = response.signatures[0]
        self.assertEqual(signature.text, "123456789012")
        self.assertEqual(signature.barcode_type_name, "Code39Standard")
        self.assertIn("BarcodeSignatureData", signature.signature_type)  

Test contain various examples of using the SDK. Please put your credentials into Configuration.


  • Python 2.7 and 3.4+
  • referenced packages (see here for more details)


GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud SDK for Python is licensed under MIT License.


Contact Us

Your feedback is very important to us. Please feel free to contact us using our Support Forums.