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Aug 2, 2017

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gRPC on Node.js


For a comparison of the features available in these two libraries, see this document

C-based Client and Server

Directory: packages/grpc-native-core (lives in the grpc@1.24.x branch) (see here for installation information)

npm package: grpc.

This is the existing, feature-rich implementation of gRPC using a C++ addon. It works on all LTS versions of Node.js on most platforms that Node.js runs on.

Pure JavaScript Client

Directory: packages/grpc-js

npm package: @grpc/grpc-js

This library implements the core functionality of gRPC purely in JavaScript, without a C++ addon. It works on the latest version of Node.js on all platforms that Node.js runs on.

Other Packages

gRPC Protobuf Loader

Directory: packages/proto-loader

npm package: @grpc/proto-loader

This library loads .proto files into objects that can be passed to the gRPC libraries.

gRPC Tools

Directory: packages/grpc-tools

npm package: grpc-tools

Distribution of protoc and the gRPC Node protoc plugin for ease of installation with npm.

gRPC Health Check Service

Directory: packages/grpc-health-check

npm package: grpc-health-check

Health check service for gRPC servers.