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Simple UI Debugger for Unity

This is a simple UI Debugger connecting Unity Debug to a Text UI object, as an implementation of

This is a DEVELOPMENT TOOL and should not be used in production.

IMPORTANT: Debug.Log can impact performance, read more.

Tested with:

  • Unity 2020.1

How to Install

  • Download the last plugin-simple-ui-debugger package on releases
  • Open your project in Unity
  • Click Assets/Import Package/Custom Package
  • Select the package you downloaded
  • Click Import

How to Use

  1. If you don't have a Canvas object in your scene, create one;
  2. Open the plugin prefabs folder: Plugins/Simple UI Debugger/Prefabs
  3. Add the prefab "DebugPanel" inside (as a child) of the Canvas object, preferably as the last element.