Modern, yet oldschool IRC client with distributed core, written in C++
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                  IRC client made by hackers, for hackers

Grumpy is a very advanced IRC client. It takes the best out of every major IRC
client and leaves out the bad. It's designed for old school IRC users who need
to be able to take most out of IRC.

Some features:

* Written in C++ (Qt) portable to every major platform
* Distributed core (grumpyd) similar to Quassel IRC
* Modular design, you can take the core library
  and build a different interface on top of it
* Very scalable and extendable, support for extensions
  written in JavaScript
* Support all IRC standards and networks
* Supports IRCv3 protocol (
* Extensible and very powerfull auto-completion mechanism

Inspired by:
* mIRC
* Quassel
* KVirc
* Pidgeon

GrumpyChat is available in Canonical snapcraft store as "grumpy", so you can
easily install it on compatible OS (like Ubuntu) using:

sudo snap install grumpy

How to build

You need to have CMake in order to build grumpy in most easy way. If you have it
just use it for src folder.

Grumpy requires Qt4 or Qt5. It doesn't depend on any other libraries, except for
its own libraries and sqlite, which are all embedded within the project tree.

Note: sqlite source codes are gzipped. If you enable support for sqlite you will
      need to unzip them or download fresh version.

There may also be information specific for your platform on our github wiki

Minimal guide for linux:

    git clone
    cd grumpy
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
    mkdir release
    cd release
    cmake ../src -DSQLITE=n

This will build everything but grumpyd will not have support for sqlite.


The source code is licensed under GNU LGPL, but contains some other embedded
open source libraries, such as sqlite which may have difference licenses.

Please see local README's or check headers of source code files for more
information on license for a given file.

Grumpy is currently a work in progress and is unfinished. Use on your own risk.
See wiki on GitHub for docs. You can ask for help at IRC:
ircs:// or ircs://