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Minimal Docker+Node+Express+React

Or: How to create a >600Mb "Hello World".

Requires docker and node.

It doesn't really follow any good development practices, but it's the smallest example of how I could get things to fit together.

To build:

$ npm run build
Successfully built 9918c9ee3275

You now have a docker image named something like 9918c9ee3275.

To run your image:

$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name hello-node 9918c9ee3275

Visit http://localhost:8080 to see the result.

The npm run build command will:

  • Run npm install in client/
  • Run npm run build in client/, which will:
    • Pre-process (ES2015-JSX -> JS-JSX -> JS -> Uglify) the sources using webpack into client/build/
  • Run npm install --only=production in server/
  • Run docker build .

For client development, try:

$ cd client
$ npm run dev

It will start a web server on http://localhost:8080 that will watch the sources for changes and refresh its contents.


Dockerfile                Docker build instructions
package.json              Meta-build, only used to build sub-projects
  package.json            Dependencies and build instructions for the client
  index.js                Node entry point for module. Exposes path to pre-processed files (the build/ directory )in the "root" property
  webpack-prod.config.js  Webpack configuration file for production deployment
  webpack-dev.config.js   Webpack configuration file for dev deployment
  package.json            Dependencies and build instructions for the server. Notably depends on ../client
    index.js              Express server launcher, statically serves up the files in the directory pointed at by client.root

Making it smaller

The node:6 image contains everything and the kitchen sink. For the purpose of this program, the node:6-slim works equally well, and shrinks it to just over 200Mb.

However, for the adventurous, you can get a much much smaller image by replacing FROM node:6 with FROM mhart/alpine-node:base-6 in Dockerfile. The resulting image should be just below 40Mb and works fine for this and many similar tasks.

The difference between mhart/alpine-node:6 and mhart/alpine-node:base-6 is that the former contains NPM and the latter does not, saving another few Mb.