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GStreamer 1.x Java Core (gst1-java-core)

This is a set of Java bindings for GStreamer 1.x, an open-source multimedia framework. The bindings are a fork of the original GStreamer-Java bindings for GStreamer 0.10.

Status and support

Releases are available via Maven Central (under the org.freedesktop.gstreamer group ID), or can be downloaded from the GitHub release page.

The bindings are currently at version 0.9.x as we progress to a 1.0 release. However, they are actively in use in a number of open-source and commercial projects, and should generally be considered stable (they are more stable than the 0.10 bindings). The version number reflects the fact that some work remains to be done to complete the fork from the 0.10 bindings, which might result in minimal breaking changes.

The current lead maintainer of the bindings is Neil C Smith on behalf of the Praxis LIVE project. The original 0.10 project was started by Wayne Meissner, and numerous other people have made valuable contributions to the original project and the 1.x fork over the years.

Initial help on getting started, and support for open-source projects, can be obtained from the GStreamer-Java Google Group.

Commercial support is available, and sponsorship of features is welcome (it all helps us get to 1.0!) - please email for more information.


The bindings have been tested on Linux, Windows and OSX. You will need to have GStreamer 1.x available in your path in order to use the bindings. Windows and OSX installers for GStreamer are available from the GStreamer project itself. Linux users should be able to get GStreamer from their distribution repository if it isn't already installed.

It is possible to ship GStreamer with your application should you not wish your users to have to install it separately.

The minimum supported version of GStreamer is 1.8.x.

You will also need the JNA (Java Native Access) library, minimum version 4.4.0.


See the examples repository for usage. More documentation will follow. Please use the GStreamer-Java Google Group to discuss usage or ask questions.

Please note: this is not an easy-to-use multimedia framework for beginners. It currently requires people to both know the Java language and be familiar with the GStreamer framework (or be prepared to apply things from tutorials on GStreamer programming in other languages (e.g. python or C#) to the Java bindings).