Android Java wrapper around ffmpeg command line binary
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FFMPEG Library for Android

This project is a Java wrapper around an ffmpeg command line binary for use in Android applications. It depends on the android-ffmpeg project to provide the ffmpeg binary.

For ease of developer use, we've included the FFMPEG and Sox binaries in the project, however, we strongly recommend you compile them yourselves using the steps below.

It is licensed under the GPLv3.


Ensure NDK_BASE env variable is set to the location of your NDK, example:

export NDK_BASE=/path/to/android-ndk

Then execute:

git submodule update --init --recursive
cd external/android-ffmpeg

Once compiled, you will find the binaries at:

external/android-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg external/android-ffmpeg/data/data/info.guardianproject.ffmpeg/app_opt/bin/sox

You should replace the files in res/raw with these.

Then build the project in Eclipse.