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a Web framework for Igropyr (Chez Scheme http-server)
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Catapult is a web framwork for Igropyr

easily to write the router

    ("/"                index)
    ("/index"           index)
    ("/users"           users)
    ("/notes"           notes)
    ("/blog/*/en"       blogEN)
    ("/articles/*"      article)
    ("/*"               handle404))

easily to define respone

(define index
    (lambda (header path query)
        (res "hello world")))

(define index
    (lambda (header path query)
        (res 200 "hello world")))

(define index
    (lambda (header path query)
        (res "text/html" "<h1>hello world</h1>")))
(define index
    (lambda (header path query)
        (res 200 "text/html" "<h1>hello world</h1>")))
(res string)                => respone content only

(res int string)            => respone status and content

(res string string)         => respone style and content

(res int string string)     => respone status, style and content


$ raven install catapult


(define res-get
        (lambda (header path query)
            ((router get path-info) header path query)))

instead of

(define get
        (lambda (header path query)
                    (response 200 "text/html" RESPONSE_STRING)))

and run

    (request res-get)
    (request res-post)
        ('staticpath "/usr/local/www/"))
    (listen 8080))


Raven : Chez Scheme Package Manager

Igropyr is a async http-server for Chez Scheme

Catapult's sister framwork: Ballista (Express style)

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