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a async http server base on libuv for Chez Scheme
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Cross platform async http-server for Chez Scheme

How fast? (test on single thread) image (MacBook Pro Retina, High Sierra 10.13.3, Mid 2014 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3)

Chez Scheme run with the --script option and don't compile scheme code

Igropyr : Node

Scheme + ChezScheme + libuv : Javascript + V8 + libuv

install Igropyr

Igropyr dependence libuv, make sure you have installed it.


$ cd igropyr/src && cc -fPIC -shared httpc.c membuf.c -luv -o ../

or simply use Raven to install Igropyr:

$ raven install igropyr


from 0.2.13 Igropyr move library (igropyr igropyr) to Core so from now on it dependence it.

start server:

(define get
    (lambda (header path query)
        (response 200 "text/plain" "Hello World")))
(define post
    (lambda (header path payload)
        (response 200 "text/plain" "Hello World")))

    (request get) 
    (request post)

(set) may define like:

    ('staticpath    "/usr/local/www")   ;to define the static path    
    ('connections   3600)               ;to define the max connections, default is 1024
    ('keepalive     3600))              ;keepalive timeout, 0 for short connection, default is 5000 (ms)

(listen) may define like:

(listen "" 8080)               ;define the ip and port that server listen on
(listen "")                    ;if only define the ip, port use default 80
(listen 8080)                           ;if only define the port, ip use default ""


$ raven run

Igropyr's manuel

Raven : Chez Scheme Package Manager

Libraries may help:

Ballista : Webframework raven install ballista (Express style)

Catapult : Webframework raven install catapult (purely functional)

Core : commonly used small functions raven install core

JSON library raven install json

JWT Json Web Token raven install jwt

mySQL bingding raven install mysql

Liber : HTML Template raven install liber

todo list



connections limite

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